Big Trouble
Low16 High30
Game3-1 Current0


Move your mouse over any corner.  It will highlight.  From that point, move towards the diagonally opposite corner.

As you move, your path gets highlighted, and the sum of the highlighted cells is displayed.

You're only allowed to move in a direction that takes you closer to the opposite corner.  Diagonal moves are not allowed.

There are two goals per board: get to the opposite corner with the lowest and highest possible scores.

Both these scores are displayed.  For this board, the lowest is 16 and the highest is 30.

Once you obtain both scores, you can advance to the next board.

That’s it.



You can use 1, 2, 3, and 4 to choose the four corners, the arrow keys to draw (and erase) the path, and r to reset the board.

Please enjoy Zig responsibly.

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